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What is Herbal Medicine, and its benefits.  Herbal Medicine is the traditional form of treatment derived from plants and has been used for hundreds of years. Today, it combines empirical knowledge with modern science and research. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Herbal Medicine treatments are still the most commonly used natural medicines in the world.

Herbal Medicines come in many forms but are generally prescribed as liquid extracts or tablets. Liquid extracts undergo a simple manufacturing process that involves the cultivated dry plant material being combined with ethanol and water, so properties can be extracted to deliver the final product. There are no other additives as ethanol is a natural preservative. In contrast most tablets and capsules will have some binders or fillers, and a shorter shelf life. No heat or vacuum is used in manufacturing of liquid herbs which minimises the risk of degradation of the plant’s original biochemistry. Due to this process liquid extracts have a greater absorption than tablets. They can also be blended into unique formulas to meet the individual patient needs.

Herbal Medicine is safe and effective when administered by a qualified practitioner.

Filiz Takar 
Medical Herbalist 
JHC Course Leader

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My name is Filiz and I qualified as a medical herbalist in 1994 in the UK. I have a Diploma in Phytotherapy – herbal medicine; Diploma in Science: Certificate in counselling. I have 28+ years experience and successfully practised in health clinics in London and practising here in Melbourne.

My passion in science and alternative medicine has also allowed me to teach and work with health consultants in various training clinics. I continued my passion to help students in understanding medical herbalism and explore the process of making herbal mixtures / creams, tablets and capsule formulas.

I am proud to announce that i have explored this passion further to work with children and i have completed the Junior Herbalist Club leader course. I will be commencing JHC course teaching in February 2024. Classes will be based in North/West Melbourne, Victoria.

Junior Herbalist Club


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Junior Herbalist Club

Junior Herbalist Club (JHC) has been designed to engage and educate children through play -and- learn. They will learn about the healing benefits of plants which grow around them. This learning will be performed in a safe and supervised environment. The benefits of this type of learning environment is that, all children will incorporate core subjects such as English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Botany, Latin and Cookery, as well as support the development of their interpersonal skills by making friends, gaining confidence, improving their fine motor control and developing a new skill set. Each month the children learn about the benefits of plants and make something to take home (Lavender bags, lip balms, bath bombs and much more!!). JHC has been planned so that each month the children build on their knowledge and skills. In the second year, the tasks become more complex, building on the skill set developed in the first year. At the end of each class the children are given a worksheet to complete so they can develop a portfolio of learning. At the end of year children are awarded a completion certificate.

$375 per year ( $37.50 per Class )

early bird prices less a 15% discount

To secure a placement, take advantage of the early bird discount if booked by 15th January 2024.

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